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   How to draw a field with flowers?Here is the answer.with wax colour it is difficult to add third dinamantion in drawing like this. Here is simple but beautiful natural scene simulated in abstract way.wax crayon colours is very nice media for drawings.this drawing is made on simple drawing paper.for more drawing visit blog



Most amazing abstract drawing is different type of shapes including in a frame You know.. Squares,circle, ractangles,ovals,triangle,and many more shapes are here in abstracttional view, and not in its own shape-frame.but also looking good.thats the magic of abstract drawing. drawing is on paper and with wax colour pencils. visit blog for more drawing

Light house

Light house

Ocean is really really full of there any mistake,the sea is ready to destroy anything what sails over it's chest.the Lighthouse is a source to save, to alert,to is a beautiful drawing of lighthouse made with wax colour pencils,on drawing paper.See and enjoy the light of help someone like lighthouse.for more drawings please visit my blog~   thanks.

The hope

The Hope Never loose your hope is the moral of this drawing. Here is a beautiful drawing drowen by wax pencil colours. giant ocean is life and our struggle is a tiny ship.if you have a hope to alive, you should be countinu in your struggle. At last .....The hope is still.....Fore more drawing visit blog@

Frozen Flood

Frozen flood
In an abstract way here is a drawing about flood. any liquid frozen it looks like a graph..Graphical design and flood spreading is comparing here.its the vision here.drawing is on paper and complete d with wax crayon pencil.image is with filter also.visit blog for more drawing like this_



Rainbow means? Where rays of sun bows to abstract supernatural power...! Here is a small affert to try the nature and it's amazing beauty. nothing else, just simple drawing of a rainbow with an abstractional view. Drawing on paper, with wax colour pencil. visit blog for more drawing like this

Lines are all. Face drawing

A face drawing is here . whole face is with vertical and horizontal lines. Some cross lines also used to make it.lines are all means we can make a beautiful drawing with different types of lines. It's a effortless drawing with abstract view. No eny colour used. Just wax pencil ..... And a face is ready within minutes .....To see more abstract drawing visit blog .Thanks.

Boundaries in us

Boundaries in us.

Human brain drawing ..... It simply showing that we have covered  lot of  boundaries in our brain, colour, culture,social status, eco-biological,region,educational variation,castisum  and many more boundaries grows in human brain.rid of different type of boundaries is the main theam of this abstract drawing. drawing is one paper and made with wax colour pencil only. To see more drawing visit blog- Thanks.

Polar sun


Nature is the most abstract thing..! Sun is the ubendunt source of energy...But powerful sun become very efectles in polar area.short but sweet sunshine is here for everyone.sun is looking very nice in abstract way.drawing is on paper and finished with wax pencil colours. To see more drawing like this visit blog

Cry of the earth

Cry of the earth                 With wax crayon........!
             The Earth planet is facing very very
Hot surrounding day by day.upcoming days
Are not easy for planatisons.many tipe of pollution and global warming may be the reason for that. 'go green' is  the massage behind this drawing with abstract way.drawing is on simple drawing paper and made with wax -pencil crayon see more drawings visit blog-

The giant

The Giant

   'Giant' word is pointing some bigger, larger than other, 'Giant' means huge, unmeasurable, unpredictable, effective......
We can see here a giant bird flying over a small house. See the drawing for few second only .....  You will also fill the giantness......!
Drawing made by wax pencil colours. on  drawing paper, in easy abstract way.. for more drawing visit blog

How to draw community drawing?


How to draw community drawing with  an abstract way?                
Mass of people is community. community means variative unity.everybody of mass is different but also are same and touched with others in many socio-eco-culturely relationships.drawing is representative unity about mankind.againist all type of human hazardous -global problems.drawing made with wax pencil colours and on drawing paper. visit blog for more drawing like this -

How to draw a Sea eagle?

Sea eagle
It's amazing! It can fly far away, the real king of large ocean.many inspiration gives us.a pointed vision,bravery, stamina,willness , toughness etc. I really like this bird. 
Drawing is in abstract way. Made with simple wax pencil colours and on drawing paper. For more drawing visit blog

How to draw Bird and the earth?

Birds and the Earth
Wax colour series.................
another piece about weather. Global warming is a very dangerous for all is an abstract idea about birds. Surrounding is going to be very hot, what they will do?Drawing is on paper and made with wax pencil colours,image is with see more abstrac drawing like this visit blog

How to draw Setting sun?

Setting sun

               With wax colour only...........
Here is a another drawing on nature. Wax colours is a very good form for drawing large scale background. Setting sun looks glorious in abstract way. A golden yellow shade spread all around. It's great! Drawing is on simple drawing paper,with wax colour ,image is with filter. To see more drawings like this visit blog~~ thanks.

How to draw A clown?

Can you see a clown?
 Wax colour series
The clown, a drawing with wax colour pencil and on a simple drawing paper.
With an Abstrac idea.we can see another things instead of real this drawing we can see a clown with a different view.
Drawing image is with see more drawings like this visit blog~