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How to draw space big bang?

Big bang

Space is mestireus it became?? Theory of developing space is well-known as big bang theory. A huge-biggest explosion of matter and unlimited mass dumped all around and made Galaxy's, planets, stars, moons and other space-metarial -it's  the simple understanding about this theory. How to draw an explosion with  few wax pencil colours it's the moral thought of this see more drawing with abstract way please visit blog  with label-SPACE

How to draw solar system?

solar system
     Space is very mysterious matter..! a galaxy includes lot of metarial like planet-
 planets, stars, astroids, blackholes, supernovas and is a simple wax colour drawing of a solar system. Central star and other mooving globes are looking see more drawing about space and other varrus subject please visit blog-

How to draw a boat sailing in a river?

Boat And River
Boat and river. Here is a beautiful drawing about a small boat sailing on river.two sailler are mooving it slowly. In a top view it's looks very nice.a steady speed is the central thought behind this drawing.drawing is on simple drawing paper and made with wax pencil colours. For more drawing like this please visit blog-

How to draw a bird- peacock?

A   Bird
                  How to draw a peacock?            here is a simple drawing of a peacock for abstract way, with few wax colour pencils-on simple drawing paper, can drawing like this.a beautiful peacock is standing in it's joyful is different but looks see more drawing like this on nature and other subjects please visit blog-

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How to draw a landscape picture drawing

The nature..3
Welcome in Nature Series Drawing again. I remember the sentence used in first drawing of this blog-"nature is the most abstract thing of this world."the great god made some attractions in this world and The nature is one of them.beautiful lake,rivers,hills and awesome green fields are always says something to us.this beautiful drawing made with wax colour pencil I  dedicate to great god who stayed in every beautiful souls.please visit blog to see more drawing like this-

How to draw a snake?

How to draw a snake? Very speedy, moving star, dangerous,and hunter of insects ...It is the idendity of a india it's called'Nagdevta'-a type of is a drawing of a snake with wax crayon pencils.image is with see more drawing visit blog-

How to draw community drawing with an abstract way?

How to draw community drawing with  an abstract way?                
Mass of people is community. community means variative unity.everybody of mass is different but also are same and touched with others in many socio-eco-culturely relationships.drawing is representative unity about mankind.againist all type of human hazardous -global problems.drawing made with wax pencil colours and on drawing paper. visit blog for more drawing like this-

Real abstract...face

The real abstract...Face
The real abstract face drawing is here. When I begin to draw ...Only one face in my mind,but at last there are more than one faces we can see in this beautiful drawing. In a unique view you will see a rabbit's face also... It's amazing. I really love this drawing.drawing is on paper and made with efective wax pencil see more abstract drawings like this visit blog