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Seascape sunset wallpiece

                                        Seascape  Sunset Landscape paintings are always beautiful.seascapes are also amazing. Blue ocean till the horizon viewing is most fascinating. Here is a painting of a sunset over the ocean. This seascape painting made with watercolor on drawing paper. Actual size of this painting is21*29c.m.if you like this painting , you can visit blog and see more beautiful handmade wall decorative wallpieces on various subjects and styles.  thanks for reading. More drawings........ https://ww

Sketch-Indian man with turban

                                      Turbanman Sketch Turban is a part of some Indian rural area clothing style.turbans wearing prosses is very different -by area,by cast, by relegion, by occasion to. We can see lots of type of turbans in India and its state like Gujarat,rajasthan,punjab,haryana,madhyapradeshand more.people wore it  to save head from sunhit,sunstrok and head injory, for religious and cultural purpose to.its work like a helmet. many years ago most of people were always wore a turban in their routine life.nowdays old persons in some areas use hindi language it's calling ' paghdi' .hear is a pencil sketch of  an aged Indian citizen with  colourful 'Paghdi'(turban).  If you liked this sketch and information about turban, please visit blog to see more beautiful paintings.. Thanks . More drawings.....

Nightfire landscape

                                      Nightfire Landscape Visit more drawings..... click link bellow..

Desert lifestyle

                                       Desert Rural Lifestyle           Visit more drawings..... click link bellow..

Folk rural life series

                                       Folk life Rural life style Visit more drawings..... click link bellow..