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How to draw a flower drawing?

The flowers
Flowers are for forever.fragrance, colour,eye satisfaction devotional use,wishis -many many reasons are in que to make flowers special.lot of flower spices are spreading fragrance around us.saveral of them are drawen here in an abstract way.  to see more drawing like this visit blog-

How to draw a natural landscape?

The nature
The Nature is the most abstract thing of this univers and landscape scenes are all-time mind refresher. A beautiful mountain,sun-light,river or lake and green trees are the main sources to make a beautiful natural landscape....
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How to draw a Cylinder?

The  Cylinders

Shape of cylinder is very unique is a drawing about a cylinder of gas. In abstract thinking cylinder is not a thing only....It becomes food generator, a hunger hunter in many kitchens. here is a simple drawing made with wax pencil see more object related drawings like this visit blog-

How to draw a Statue?

  The Statue
A statue, an idole is understanding the importance of stability. A statue mean representiveness, sustainability, tiardlesness.a beautiful drawing of a statue is talling us something about itself..To see more wax pencil drawing like this visit blog-

How to draw a Shapeless abstract drawing?

Shapes are always attracive objects for abstractionist.different type of shapes made many tipe of drawing itself..! Just engage them with passion...You will get a beautiful drawing at the end.thats the beauty of shapes.

How to draw an Elephant?

The Elephant
Normally we saw many drawing of an Elephant standing or in a seating position,here is a out of frame drawing about it's position.a questions''how looks an Elephant in top view ?'....and I got answer in abstract way is here.! visit blog for more drawing like this - simple drawing is on pappr and made with wax colour pencils.

How to draw a joker face?

The joker

The joker is a person who distributes joy to others and everywhere.nobody knows about his original face or condition.a drawingful salute to every joy spreading person who making smile on our faces and also in our heart to. drawing is on paper and with wax-pencil see more drawing like this visit blog-

The joy

The Joy
The joy is an abstract is a position, a nonverbal sign.we can see many form of joy around abstract view, here is a drawing of some strips hoised-indicate a type of joy. A great thaught in simple way. Drawing is on paper and drowen by wax colours.for more drawing visit blog-