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  Mohandas karamchand Gandhi... Is not a name only. 'Gandhi ' word is an identity of humanity, truth, social equality,world familyness,power of truth, Energizer of millions of people,a fighter against of social misbelieves, motivator of billions of people, a great leader, an idel writer, an unique social servent, constructive thinker,,,,,,,and many more words we can use for  great 'Gandhi bapu.' here is a wax pencil abstract thought drawing  on his 150th birthday anniversary see more drawing- please visit blog-

How to draw colour shades?

As we know there are seven colours in a white Ray or in a white colour.other six colour includes silently in white.a prisom can help to see this beautiful combination of is a drawing about shades of colours.drawing is made by simple plastic crayon pencils in a different see more self thought Drawing like this please visit blog-

How to draw things around us?

Things... around us.
        Lot of things passes during routine life and in a day.some of them are small and very tiny but very important at own place. House hold items and a good surrounding makes a very comfortable vision. It means position doesn't be a matter than uses. Wax colour drawing is here with simple thought. Visit blog for more drawing-