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                                   Fish Fish is very beautiful creacher of water world.many types of fish are sailing across the is a  drawing about a fish sailing in a large underwater with its naturally ecosystems.drawing is on paper and finished with wax colour pencils.ti see more drawing visit blog- .thanks.


Water world Water is the life.infact many lives fully dependent of water world.smaller than a dot to bigest whale......A drop  to endless ocean....Life needs's shows importante of water world.drawing is on paper and made with wax colours. to see more abstract drawing visit blog- .thanks.

Abstract Fan drawing.

                               Fan How to draw a Fan? Just simple. A fan is  a mechanism what indicate us how to be active till you get energy. Drawing is about our progressive thinking and actions.a flower and a fan are same in an abstractive view because both are spreading fragrance all around. drawing is on paper and finished with wax colour see more drawing like this visit blog .thanks.

How to draw springs season drawing

                        Springs is here. Springs is a very very embarising ang where hot, hot and hot.  no relive from hot air, hot surround, every thing loose down. tree are also in same condition,but they are stood like a ranger against this hotty spring. Drawing is on paper, completed with wax vragen colour. To see more drawing visit blog .thanks.

Dividing into 2

Dividing into 2 Human of 21th senctury is in a shadow of modern lifestyle and it's demarits.when human was unsivilised, there were no more needs. In top level of progress mans needs are endless..More and more facilities,resources,comfortebily , progress are dividing the man in short parts internally.thought is became a frame like this.drawing is made with wax crayon pencil colours. For more drawing like this please visit blog .thanks.

Robo sapiens

                            Robo sapiens Hi ! Another drawing on modernisation and it's is going to be advance and being more and more machine frandly.. in other word-man became robot."robo sapience "is the drawing about thought.fillings,emotions,humanity is nassesory for mankind. Drawing is on drawing paper and made with wax colour pencil. To see more drawings like this, visit blog