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Sardar patel-statue of unity drawing

Statue of unity -sardar patel Statue of unity is a memorial of great indian political leader and first deputy prime minister of india 'SARDAR'VALLABHBHAI is located near sardar sarovar dam on narmada river, in narmada district of gujrat state in India.statue of vallabh bhai is called "statue of unity." It is a very long and high memorial statue of world this time.sardar patel was Ironman of india so people of gujarat and india tributed them with this mamorial~ statue. Here is a handmade drawing image of statue of unity made with wax pencil colour in a different style and with an unique style in abstract way. A salute to our national see more drawing like this please visit blog~

Happy Diwali- dipak drawing.

Happy Diwali
Diwali{ Dipawali} is the biggest festival of india. comes at the last day of Hindu Vikram samvat (chronology)calendar. It is the festival of light and joy. according to' RAMAYAN'- loard RAM returned home on this day after 14 years forest living. people of Ayodhya welcomed him with lots of clay lamp -lights in evening time.they welcomed their loving king joyfully with this way. From that day{about lacs of years ago} people of india celebrate this occasion with name Diwali or Dipawali.Clay-lamp is the symbol of Diwali festival.the Day after dipawali people enjoyed new year of Hindu Happy Diwali to all blog readers....To see more wax pencil drawings please visit blog-

How to draw a natural landscape scene?

Drawing is the best way to express yourself.

THE NATURE A landscape on mountains with pencil and wax colours.we can draw natural sceneries like this drawing in a easy way.sometimes it's looks different than original view, but I think that's the real abstract!  drawing is on simple drawing paper and with see more drawings visit blog~

How to draw colourful rangoli shapes?

Shapes(Rangoli) Colourful shapes looks beautiful.shapes with various colours express lot of fillings to.very attractive drawing with wax colour is here.simplicity is the strongnes of any wax-pencil drawing.colours and shade related more abstract style drawing please visit blog with label"shapes "

How to draw tiger in Forest?

Most dangerus animal of the forest Is stood here.behind the streepy grass, with sharp eyesight and determined mind to hunt food.speed, cruelty, stamina are it's identity.see to it's feel it.wax colours are very very useful to make this type of see more drawing like this please visit blog_

How to draw a man in abstract style??

The man...
Abstractional view is very meaningful is not bounded in any border.if we see something different with Owen view than others that mean you have abstract point of is a simple drawing about a -the most wise social animal of planet.looking charming in my view, what's your opinion? please send your view in  coment section.too see more abstract Drawing visit blog-

How to draw moon in night?

Sharadpoornima moon
Moon is always faschinating..... white light in night looks very nice.silver Ray's  are very pretty. drawing of night with fool moon called 'poornima' in India.according to  indian weather,  during'Sharad' is an cool moonlight drawing made with wax colour pencils.visit blog to see more drawing-

How to draw ravan in dussehra

Dussehra and Ravan
Ravan  on dussehra

Ravan -the Dashanan is very famous mythologycal character of India and of Hindu religious.welknowen as enemy of God "Ram."Dussehra is a leading festival of India about celebrating deth of Giants. According the 'Ramcharitmanas' and 'Ramayana' - Sanskrit literature-Ravan was the king of 'Lanka.' here is  a drawing about burning Ravan's idol on dussehra day , made with  waxcolour pencil.visit blog to see more drawing about Indian culture -

Nine nights (Indian navratri) folk dance Drawing

Indian Navratri Dandiya folk dance.
Navratri ( festival of nine days and nights) is  a major festival of India. 'Goddes Amba ma' worshiping during this festival.people of India play garba-a folk-dance of Gujarat . People enjoyed ' Dandiya'_ a dance played with small wooden sticks.Hindu religious worship mother goddes Amba by took a worship pot called "GARBO" in their is a festival about pray, about devotion. It's amazing to see lot of people playing Garba in a Dom or in a open ground. Here is a simple Drawing of a moment of Dandiya folk dance with colour pencils, please visit blog to see more drawing-